How Fortnite Saved the Spring It On Event with “Brave Beginnings” for PVE

4 min readMar 3, 2018

What a way to start off March! On March 1, 2018, Fortnite V.3.1.0 hit consoles and PC. If you want to see a list of everything that got updated you can see it here, but I’m focusing just on the Save the World and week three of the Spring It On! Event Questline.

So after a rough start to the questline with many buggy errors and a less-than-par story, we get this beautiful blessing of week three! Every problem I had with the first questline has been fixed, and the missions are filled with well-scripted dialogue, amusing characters, conclusive stories, a passionate experience, and perfectly timed quests! I don’t know if the Fortnite Devs read my article, or if this had been their plan all along, but I’m super impressed!

Okay, let’s get right into it. How does this event stand now compared to previous events? In my opinion, it is top-tier up there with the best parts of Fortnitemares! As a PVE player, I was impressed with the gameplay fixes right off the bat. Audio lagging the game? Greatly diminished and almost vanished. Where the first week I consistently had problems firing my gun, I only had a couple occurrences over the entire length of the questline. The air raid was quicker as well as general UI improvements and of course, getting rid of the frozen Husk problem by killing them off after a couple seconds of unresponsive freeze. It was an entirely different game. Save the World is back, baby!

Now on to the Save the World event questline. I’ll go over the pros and the cons with you based on my experience playing it, as always.

So, my entire runthrough of the Save the World “Brave Beginnings” questline took nine hours, for an overall event time of 30 hours. As an event that adds two pages of quests weekly, this feels very manageable and honestly perfect for those who work other jobs. Nine hours isn’t short, but it’s also not too long and drawn out. But what about content?

Congratulations, Fornite. You made me experience so many emotions throughout this week three event. From pride, to passion, to shock and disbelief, to astonished surprise! And comparing this to week one or even two? What a difference. Week two introduced the fireworks and the group events and mission sidequests which kept me hopping from mission to mission without getting bored and experiencing the events in new ways with different people! Week two brought discovery and adventure! And week three? Week Three brought a fantastic story with dramatic emotion on top of the discovery and adventure you already brought in! But how?

Let’s start with the first quest, a mission where you have to find and locate and rescue Val. As you may remember, this type of quest was first introduced in week one with Dennis and Summer. Back then it was confusing, sometimes didn’t spawn properly, and a pain to actually locate with little to no victory excitement after completion. This time around, they used yellow circles on the map to zone areas you could search and Val spawned on my first mission! Her dialogue was a desperate plea for action. It was conclusive while being open-ended and was the perfect start to the third week!

The second quest followed Val’s desperate plea as you helped look for her missing friends, the spawn rate was perfect and lasted an entire mission for me. As you search from tent to tent you discover her friends are either taken by husks, or missing. I felt so sad for her and then when she announced that she was going to find them I was like YES! You go girl! Finally instead of just surviving, a human with dialogue wants to join the fight! We continue a run of quests as we collect army pants from closets and attics. Enter new character!

Swole-BOT. I’m in love. Ray’s weird creations have been a subject of fantastic dialogue from Day One, and Swole-BOT is no exception! I was laughing with every discovered quest item! After collecting fitness equipment with Ray and Swole-BOT, we get a surprise that actually made me have to pause the game because I got too excited. Dennis and Summer. I never thought I’d be happy to see dialogue from them again except we finally get a conclusion to week one! They are happy together and have bonded over their love for horror films and want to help Val find the perfect action movie! Finally loose ends are tied and a common goal is discovered! And then it’s off to hack and slash husks with a melee weapon as we discover that Val’s defender car is a Bruiser! What a way to finish things out!

The quest started strong and focused on story as well as progress. It wasn’t monotonous, and shined especially with week two bringing stellar side quests. You can see the focus and dedication and passion that was the reason I bought the game in the first place. And the future? Now I can’t wait to see what else lies ahead!

We love you, and you came back home.

SIDE NOTE: Fortnite developers, I want to personally thank you for this questline from the bottom of my heart. The PVE community is excited again and the groups I’m part of are all abuzz and can’t stop talking about this comeback from week one! Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. I wish I could thank each and every one of you. As Ray would say, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget Swole-BOT.” — Maya Angelou, probably.

Love always, your favorite husk-slayer, Grimmfinite!




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