Genshin Impact’s Update 1.3 Third Banner brings Hu Tao, the Pyro Polearm Funeral Director, into play

Like many of you reading this, when the Hu Tao banner dropped, the first thing I was curious about is how she would work. Was she compatible with a team build? Is she was worth dropping primogems on after the OP Xiao banner? So I whaled so you didn’t have to. Unlucky for me, my first pity was C3 Jean, so I had to roll a full second pity to get her. Here’s my analysis:

So right off the bat I knew I was going to have an HP problem. In order to activate her E ability, Guide to Afterlife…

The Outbreak Prime is back for Destiny 2 and it comes with a time-based quest!

The Revelry is officially over and with the end of a new event comes the beginning of obtaining an old exotic from Destiny 1 days! If you grinded out exotics in Destiny 1, then you may recognize this familiar pulse rifle and be wondering what you need to do to obtain it this time around.

The entire quest and final mission took me a total of six hours to complete, so make sure you have friends who are able to do the final step with you, as it is a light level 690 quest and is timed like Whisper of…

There are many factors to consider when going full-time on Twitch. Is it worth it?

2018 was a good year for me on Twitch. I became an affiliate, joined an amazing stream team, hit milestones for followers, and got my first Twitch payout. But I struggled daily to hit that “go live” button and fought with myself over the quality of my content, which was inconsistent and I felt lacked excitement and drive. What was I doing wrong? It all boiled down to a single thing. I was dedicated, but my time management was putting a limit on what I could do as a streamer. I wanted to make 2019 different.

In December, I put…

Subnautica is free for the next week from the Epic Games Store via the Epic Games Launcher

With the launch of the new Epic Games Store, Epic Games has made a major announcement! Indie game Subnautica is going to be the first of many games you can download for free every two weeks up until 2019. I have had my eye on this game ever since some of my favorite Youtubers played it, but went in pretty much blind. The download was quick, and it was the full game. I decided to try it out.

So is Subnautica worth downloading and is it worth playing? I streamed ten hours of the game to see how it stacked…

What a way to start off March! On March 1, 2018, Fortnite V.3.1.0 hit consoles and PC. If you want to see a list of everything that got updated you can see it here, but I’m focusing just on the Save the World and week three of the Spring It On! Event Questline.

So after a rough start to the questline with many buggy errors and a less-than-par story, we get this beautiful blessing of week three! Every problem I had with the first questline has been fixed, and the missions are filled with well-scripted dialogue, amusing characters, conclusive stories…

Fortnite’s Spring It On! Event started February 15th and introduces new heroes, items, and a questline!

On February 15, 2018, Fortnite V.2.5.0 hit consoles and PC. If you want to see a list of everything that got updated you can see it here, but I’m focusing just on the questline and my overall impression of the event in relation to previous events.

Okay, let’s get right into it. I know the Fortnite team has put a lot of focus on Battle Royale since that blew up, but is that affecting Save the World? Absolutely. And before all you Battle Royale players get riled up in the comments saying it’s going to be free-to-play this fall anyways…

The remaster will include Spyro the Dragon, Ripto’s Rage!, and Year of the Dragon, and there is the tantalizing promise of some content cut from the original releases of those games.” — via Laura Kate Dale

February 13th, an article on started trending across Twitter. And for a good reason! Author Laura Kate Dale, who was previously responsible for pre-announcement leaks of both consoles and games (Nintendo Switch, Until Dawn VR, Playstation Slim), wrote an article announcing that a remaster of the original Spyro trilogy for the first Playstation was in development by Activision. …


Aether is a voice actor, twitch streamer, motion graphics artist, and fandom enthusiast. You can find them on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch!

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